Cedar Lodge

Cedar Lodge has six rooms.  Each has a bathroom, shower, and central sink.  The two upstairs rooms and four downstairs rooms all contain three bunk beds and a queen bed.   This building has a meeting room along with a small kitchenette for those who love their evening snacks.

Deluxe Cabins

We have three deluxe cabins:  Heinrich, Wright and McCoy.  All three cabins have two sides.  Each side contains six bunk beds and a bathroom that contains two sinks, two showers and two toilet stalls.  This cabin will sleep twelve per side, making for a total of 24 people per building.

Chalets Cabins

We have five Chalets.  These are cozy cabins snuggled in the woods near our dining hall.  Each cabin has six bunk beds, sleeping twelve, and a full bathroom.

Alpine Cabins

The Alpine Cabins are for the rugged men and women who like to experience the outdoors.  An Alpine has a regular wooden structure with access doors on each end.  Each has six bunk beds and sleeps a total of twelve people.